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Hey all,


My name is David Rumley, and I am a Southern California based photographer specializing in portrait, fashion, lifestyle, and family photography.

As a professional in the music and entertainment industries for nearly 20 years, I was looking for an outlet to express myself a little differently than I had been.

So, several years ago, after purchasing my first DSLR camera in an attempt to create video material for local entertainment companies, I began to discover the joy of still photography...something I'd never really considered! 

Soon, photographing people became a passion!  

Sure, I'd done the obligatory landscapes, the random pet, and sunset or two. But, I've always come back to capturing amazing faces, beautiful forms, and heartwarming interactions between individuals as my source of that passionate expression I was looking for in my life!

I have since turned that passion into a business. It keeps me inspired, driven, and motivated to create the finest images possible, not only for my clients but for myself as well.  I have had the opportunity of photographing some of the most well known artists, musicians, performers and models in the San Diego area, and would love to help you create your vision!

To learn more about services I provide and your investment, please click here.

I look forward to collaborating with you on your photographic needs!


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